Deepak Nitrite Limited Q4 FY23 Performance

Deepak Nitrite Limited Q4 FY23 Performance

During the quarterly earnings conference call for Q4 FY23, Deepak Nitrite Limited discussed its performance and future plans.

Deepak Nitrite Limited Q4 FY23 Performance

Deepak Nitrite Limited provided insights into its margin profile, the pricing dynamics of phenol, upcoming plant commissioning, capacity expansion, and its strategic goals for revenue growth.

Summary of Key Points

Margin profile: The current margin profile of Deepak Nitrite Limited stands at 18%, which is in line with expectations. However, there was a significant decline compared to Q4 FY22 due to abnormally high phenol prices.

The company highlighted that phenol prices have now normalized and mentioned the influence of China on the demand and supply dynamics of phenol.

Plant expansion and commissioning: Deepak Nitrite Limited shared its plans for debottlenecking the phenol facility by 10% in Q1 FY24.

Additionally, they are expanding the base capacity of the phenol plant by 50%, aiming to reach a total capacity of 300kT.

The company also provided timelines for the commissioning of various plants, including photo chlorination and fluorination plant (timeline Q3 FY24), Expanded Hydrogenation, Multipurpose Distillation, and Multipurpose Nitration Plants (timeline Between Q4FY24 and Q1FY25).

New product commissioning: Deepak Nitrite Limited announced the upcoming commissioning of MIBK (40KT) and MIBC (8KT) in Q1 FY25, which are derivative products of Acetone.

The focus is on catering to domestic demand and aiming for a 100% market share to reduce reliance on imports.

They also mentioned plans for the commissioning of polycarbonate compounding in the next 18 months, which will have applications in 5G, electronics, EVs, and medical devices.

Polycarbonate compounding facility starting with 35k capacity for phase-1 but the aim will be to reach world-scale capacity.

Revenue growth strategy: Deepak Nitrite Limited expressed its ambitious goal of doubling its revenue based on the FY23 figures within the next 4-5 years.

They aim to achieve this through capacity expansion, new product offerings, and capturing a larger market share in both domestic and international markets.


In conclusion, Deepak Nitrite Limited showcased its performance and outlined its strategic plans during the Q4 FY23 earnings conference call.

The company highlighted the normalization of the margin profile, upcoming plant commissioning, capacity expansion initiatives, and its vision for doubling revenue in the coming years.

Deepak Nitrite Limited aims to further strengthen its position in the industry with a focus on innovation, market capture, and meeting domestic demand.

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