Tanla Acquires ValueFirst Digital Media in a Strategic Move


Tanla Platforms Limited, India’s leading CPaaS player, announced on June 8, 2023, that it has acquired ValueFirst Digital Media, a leading provider of digital media solutions in India, for an all-cash consideration of $42 million (₹346 crores). The acquisition will help Tanla to expand its reach into new markets and grow its customer base. Tanla […]

Deepak Nitrite Limited Q4 FY23 Performance

Deepak Nitrite Limited Q4 FY23 Performance

During the quarterly earnings conference call for Q4 FY23, Deepak Nitrite Limited discussed its performance and future plans. Deepak Nitrite Limited Q4 FY23 Performance Deepak Nitrite Limited provided insights into its margin profile, the pricing dynamics of phenol, upcoming plant commissioning, capacity expansion, and its strategic goals for revenue growth. Summary of Key Points Margin […]

Can Vedant Fashions become the next Titan?

Vedant Fashions

According to popular opinion in the investment community, Vedant Fashions (Manyavar) is expected to become the next Titan. To investigate this claim, Insiderpedia decided to examine the matter in more detail. Let’s get started. Can Vedant Fashions become the next Titan? During the 1990s, Ravi Modi spent time in his father’s clothing store in Kolkata […]

Disadvantages of Investing in Mutual Funds

mutual funds

Mutual funds are very popular amongst investors who don’t want to make investment decisions on their own and want to get the benefits of stocks and other marketable securities. Every coin has two faces, the same applies to mutual funds. Mutual funds have their own advantages and disadvantages. Every Investor should know the advantages and […]

Measures of Value Creation – Economic Value Added & Market Value Added

Economic Value Added

Financial management seeks to create wealth or value for shareholders since shareholders are interested in knowing what return they will receive on their investment. Thus, value creation for shareholders is undoubtedly a corporate objective for any company. Contents What is Economic Value Added & Market Value Added? The ability of firms to manage, utilize, and […]

Mergers and Acquisitions – Financing & Valuations

Mergers and Acquisitions

A Merger or an Acquisition deal will be unsuccessful if the financial interests of both parties are not considered. If the deal fails to deliver at least the plausible benefits, then concerned stakeholders may disregard the deal. Acquiring a company in case of an acquisition and the new firm in case of merger may issue […]