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What are Penny Stocks? Should You Invest!

Penny Stocks

For many novice investors, the primary logical forestall is Penny Stocks. As the name suggests, penny stocks are securities that trade with a low proportion price, frequently less than Rs. 10. The extremely low price permits an investor to maintain lots of stocks for a particularly small quantity of invested capital. With that scale, the […]

New Marginal Rules of SEBI – Explained


Stock market is the avenue of investment for investors and trading for speculators. According to the different sources, it is estimated that hardly 2%-3% of the Indian population invests in the stock market. People fear losing their money, which is subject to high volatility. SEBI, the regulator of the Indian stock market, has undertaken a […]

12 Best Share Market App in India

share market app

Nowadays there are a lot of Share Market App in India. But Before Digitalization Investing was a very tough game. But Today it is just short of clicking a few buttons on your Smartphone but in reality, it is not as simple as that. For making a good investment you have to make the right […]

How to Invest in Share Market: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

invest in share market

Whenever we think about investing, the Share Market or Stock Market comes to mind. Of course, there is no better place than the stock market to invest our hard-earned money and get better returns than other investments. There is no minimum amount required to invest in share market like properties and other assets. You can […]