12 Best Share Market App in India

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Nowadays there are a lot of Share Market App in India. But Before Digitalization Investing was a very tough game. But Today it is just short of clicking a few buttons on your Smartphone but in reality, it is not as simple as that. For making a good investment you have to make the right decision on your research.

Also, you have to use the right tools for investing that is why I’m here writing about the top 12 best Best Share Market App for the Indian Stock Market.


Best Share Market App in India for Making best Investments Strategies


1. Zerodha Kite

Nobody can buy stocks directly in the Stock Market. You need to have a trading account and a Demat account with a SEBI registered brokerage firm.

Zerodha is India’s largest discount Stockbroker and the leader in the industry with a approx 4 million client base to date.

It’s one of the Best Share Market App in India.

It offers to invest at zero commission charges, the cheapest in the industry. Zerodha has advanced features like adding funds via UPI, creating  GTT orders which are valid for one year, free notification via Sentinal, and much more. I found it best after using a lot of other apps. It’s user-friendly too.

Key features :

  • Discount Broker
  • Zero Commission for Delivery Trade
  • Allows Direct UPI fund Transfer
  • GTT Orders, etc.

Share Market App


2. Coin

It’s another app offered by Zerodha. You can buy a mutual fund of the different types like equity, debt, index, etc directly from here.

The biggest advantage of using Coin is that you can use the same fund for investing in both Kite and Coin App. You can start the hassle-free SIP too with the e-mandate automatic feature.

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3. Groww

There are a lot of apps for investing in the stock market through mutual funds. But the Groww app is incredible among them.

The biggest advantage of using the Groww app is that you can register at this app within a few minutes and start investing.

It doesn’t charge any annual maintenance charge which is also a huge advantage for retail investors like us. You can start investing at a minimum of just a hundred rupees.



Note: If you don’t have much knowledge about investing then it’s better to invest in a low-cost index and debt funds via SIP or lumpsum according to your convenience.

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4. Small Case

“Never put all your eggs in one basket.”

Diversification is a very important concept in the world of investing. If you want to diversify your portfolio according to industry, sector, market-cap, etc, then the small case app will be beneficial in this task.

You can also make a bunch of stocks and ETF according to your choice for SIP and lumpsum investing. Your broker account like Zerodha can be easily linked to this app. You can buy or create any small case at a nominal charge of approx 50-100 rupees.


5. Moneycontrol

“Investing without investigating is nothing but gambling.”

Daily updates, news, market scenario, corporate governance, and for further research of any stocks, mutual fund, the moneycontrol app offers a lot of useful information.

You can use this app daily to make yourself aware of all the financial world.


6. StockEdge

StockEdge is a wonderful share market app in India for a detailed analysis of any stock. In this app, you can get tons of knowledge about any particular stock, sector-wise & industry-wise stocks.

You can also track FIIs & DIIs activity, up-down of indices, returns of industry, stock & indices, holdings of DIIs & HNIs, IPOs, screeners with different parameters, learning tutorials and much more.


7. BSE India

Bombay Stock Exchange is one of the oldest and fastest stock exchange in the world. BSE India is a free app offered by BSE.

You can watch the current time stock price and market-depth during the market hours. Also, watch the long historical chart of the stock price and other useful information of any particular stock.

We can also get information about all the financial instruments traded on BSE.


8. Investing

Investing is an app offered by investing.com. It’s a very useful app to get information about the global financial world, read international news, indices performance of the major stock market in the world, list of publicly-traded companies in the different countries, and much more.


9. Tickertape

“Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.”

To know what is the mood of the market tickertape bring us a fantastic MMI ( market mood index ). You can use this feature to know the current mood of the market very easily in the tickertape mmi tab.

There is also a lot of great features like stock screener based on different parameters and the basic but informative checklist of each stock for thorough analysis.

Some Best Share Market App for News

10. Economics Times (ET)

What’s going on in the world, companies, government, RBI policies, repo-rate, tax-rate, foreign investment, industries? These are the basic questions that often come to our minds when we invest through the financial markets.

All these factors affect the market either directly or indirectly, so it’s very important to aware of all these. Economics Times offers tons of useful news like this.

Share Market App for News


11. Google News

“An investor should be more aware of his investment rather than a trader.”

If you have made investments in a particular company then you have to know what’s going in the company regularly, then google comes to mind.

To search keywords in the google search bar it’s far better to follow the keywords in Google News app, where we can get all the related information about a particular company, industry, etc very easily.


12. Bloomberg

Bloomberg another very awesome app for the financial world.

We can read here about all the global financial markets here like what’s is the current global economic scenario, trade deficit of countries, trade war, crude-gold price, federal reserve policies, international monetary fund, politics, etc.

Also can read about global companies’ geographic expansion plans and performance, and much more.

It’s not the end. There are also so many other useful apps for investing in Indian Share Market from which you can benefit but these are the best share market app in India that might be useful to make the best & profitable investment strategies.

If you have any doubt comment below!

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