Groww Mutual Funds Investing App Review and Comparison

Groww is one of the fastest-growing FinTech platforms providing services on Direct Mutual funds investments, regular funds, Stocks, and Gold. Most of the investors in Groww are millennials (First-time users).

There are investors who are both experienced and new to the stock market.  Irrespective of their experience in the stock market, information, convenient services, and research tools are the key. Nowadays, there are various investment applications and investment platforms that provide these services.

There are calculators to calculate returns from different investment avenues. They also have analytical tools that help the investors to select Mutual funds and Stocks by analyzing their performances.

Talking about the chargeability, they charge Zero brokerage commission for both Mutual Fund and Stocks. earns revenue through a subscription revenue model, by offering advisory services and premium features to its customers.


Groww Mutual Funds Investing App Review and Comparison

Company information

Headquarters:  Bangalore

CEO & Co-founder: Lalit Keshre

Launched: April 2016

Rating: 4.6/5

Customer Base: 60,00,000 +

SEBI Registration Number: INA20008981

Commission Structure

Mutual Fund 0 % Transaction Charges
Equity Delivery 0% on
Equity Intraday Buy and sell on the same day. It will be charged at 0.01% of turnover (max Rs 20 ) per executed order
AMC (Account maintenance charges) It is ₹75 + GST charged quarterly.
Account Opening Charges ₹0 (Limited Period Offer) on Groww, Later is it Rs. 200
DP Charges (Buy Order) It is Zero on
DP Charges (Sell Order) It is ₹8 + ₹ 5.50 (CDSL Charges) per ISIN (company/ETF) per day on regardless of quantity sold.
GST GST of 18% is applied on charges wherever applicable.
Securities Transaction Tax (STT) It is 0.1% of the order amount in case of equity delivery and 0.025% of the order amount in case of equity intraday.
Payment Gateway Charges It is zero as of now.
SEBI Turnover Charges Charged at 0.00005% by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) for regulating the markets.
Stamp Duty It is applicable to buy orders only – 0.015% for equity delivery and 0.003% for equity intraday.
Clearing Charges It is Zero on Groww.
Transaction Charges It is 0.00325% on NSE and 0.003% on BSE of the order amount, applicable to both buy and sell.



Investment in Mutual Funds can be done either through distributors directly or online platforms. Unlike distributors, Groww App allows Mutual Fund investors to invest without any physical contact. All the required documents can be directly uploaded via their website or App.

In terms of safety, encrypts all personal information using 256-bit encryption. All the respective documents are sent to Asset Management Companies. All the transactions to and from the Fund House (AMC) are done through BSE, thus the amount does not reach

Required Documents

All the required documents are given below:

  1. PAN card
  2. Address proof
  3. Bank statement or canceled cheque
  4. Aadhaar number

You can sign-up and start investing in funds within minutes if you verify yourself by the e-KYC process.


Benefits of Groww

  • Change in technology has enabled brokers to avail of investing services without any hassle. provides Stock Investing and Mutual Fund facilities without any physical interface.
  • delivers variant technical analysis tools and investment calculators, which facilitates individuals to do research and select appropriate Stocks or Mutual Funds.
  • The investments made by investors are systematically managed by tracking their performance.
  • charges zero transaction charges for investing and you can save and earn 1.5% extra in Mutual Fund as it is a direct Mutual Fund.
  • Simple to use, even a layman without financial knowledge can understand to use

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Features available at Groww

Accessibility: can be used through a mobile application or website at your convenience.

Chargeability: The application and its services are available for free. You as an investor can register and make use of analytical tools for investment decisions.

Information: provides information about the past performance of Mutual funds and stocks for decision making. They also provide education content by publishing journals, news, blogs, and videos.

Recommendation: doesn’t provide any recommendations. The users are expected to make use of information available for the selection of funds or stocks.

Payment gateway: enables users to add funds to the account through net banking or UPI. Additionally, you can add additional bank accounts for the same account.

Family account: Financial literacy among all the family members might be low thus; Users of can maintain and track the performance of investments made by their family members. The limit of adding family members is up to 5 people.

Smart Save: An alternative to a Savings Bank account, one can invest monthly or lump sum and earn around 6.5% whereas, in an SB account you can earn 3.5%-4%.

It can be used as an alternative to Fixed Deposit, as there is no Lock-in period and no penalty charges. is going to invest the amount in ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund as it is a liquid and low-risk mutual fund.

The investors can withdraw the amount maximum up to 50,000 or 90% whichever is lower within a day 24/7.  For the entire amount, it takes around 1-2 working days.

Comparison: Currently investors in can make use of the comparison feature only through the website. The users can segregate Mutual funds according to their NAV, historic returns, the risk involved, and fund rating.

The investor can select the fund of his interest and can compare it with similar peer Mutual funds. This feature helps the investors to make wise decisions over a variety of Mutual Funds.

Portfolio Insights: systematically presents the portfolio diversification of investor’s investments in different stocks, sectors, and funds in a graphical format depicting the performance of investments over a period of time.

Track External Investment: You can track your external investment and ongoing SIP in by providing your email address, which is linked with other investments. This helps you to track all the investment performance in one platform conveniently.

Calculators: enables the fund investors to estimate future returns by helping them to calculate using SIP calculators, PPF calculators, and various other investment avenue calculators.

One can estimate their returns by keying in the details of the investment amount, the number of years, and the expected rate of return. Additionally, investors can calculate their brokerage charges before withdrawing the amount.

User friendly: Groww app is a user-friendly platform enabling its investors to use on their own without any confusion. It has just 8 steps of verification program which is completely online. It is powered by UI and UX.


Comparison with Peer Groups



string string string string string string string
Mutual Fund 0% 0% 1-1.5% 0% 0% 0%
Equity Delivery 0% 0% 0% 0.50% 0% 0.50%
Equity Intraday Buy and sell on the same day. It will be charged at 0.01% of turnover (max Rs 20 ) per executed order It charges 0.01 percent, or Rs 20, whichever is lower, per executed order in intraday equity and equity futures trade ₹20/order Flat Brokerage for Intraday, F&O, Currencies & Commodity. 0.10% Rs. 20 per order executed or 0.05% (whichever is lower) for both buy and sell orders.
Intraday both side 0.05%
AMC (Account maintenance charges) ₹200 ₹ 0 ₹ 0 ₹0 ₹0 ₹400
Account Opening Charges ₹0 limited periods later it is ₹ 200 ₹.200 ₹.600 ₹0 ₹249 ₹750
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC ₹300 ₹300 ₹450 ₹400 ₹300 ₹400


Final thoughts is a rapidly growing investment platform with discount broking and direct Mutual Fund. What makes it different from the peer group is its user-friendly application and web page which is simple to access without any confusion.

The analytical tools used are indeed helpful to users to make investment analysis. Their innovative thinking on smart save products is one of the best alternatives to savings bank accounts which is appreciable.

You can use this platform as a first-generation investor and earn more returns by cutting down your investment expenses.

So, which platform are you going to use for your investing career? Comment Below.

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