FD vs Mutual Funds: Which is better to Invest?

mutual funds vs fixed deposits

Investments are made normally to maximize returns and minimize risks. However, there may be unique desires additionally for investing solid month-to-month returns or wealth introduction over the long term and so on. There are several investment alternatives to be had withinside the market, and as an investor; you will be confronted with the quandary of […]

What is Merger and Acquisition (M&A)?


Mergers and Acquisitions! These are buzz words in Corporate Strategic Management. Very often we see, hear and speak of two companies merging into one or one large company acquiring a small company, collaborations, etc. What are these? Do Mergers and Acquisitions mean the same or different? Why companies opt for these inorganic tools to achieve […]

What is Payment Bank?

Payment Banks

The Digital revolution has rapidly transformed the life of Indians. Sending information, storing data, ordering food, shopping, socializing, including banking everything happens at fingertips with the Smartphone. In this article, one such product of part of the Digital revolution, “Payments Bank” is going to be discussed in detail.Maybe you are familiar with Airtel Payments Bank, […]

What are Penny Stocks? Should You Invest!

Penny Stocks

For many novice investors, the primary logical forestall is Penny Stocks. As the name suggests, penny stocks are securities that trade with a low proportion price, frequently less than Rs. 10. The extremely low price permits an investor to maintain lots of stocks for a particularly small quantity of invested capital. With that scale, the […]

What is Liquidity Ratio? How to Analyze a Business Using It

Liquidity Ratio

Understanding the nature and growth of the business and measuring its profitability is indispensable for any investor to earn returns on his investment from shares to create wealth. Business analysis i.e., analyzing company performance through its products & services, and fundamental analysis i.e., using balance sheet details to measure the performance of the company are […]