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What is CASA in Banking?


Each industry is unique in its functioning, structure, and organizational abilities. Banks are intermediaries between people with surplus and deficit. Banks do not directly manufacture anything, but it indirectly supports all the economic activities, supports entrepreneurial spirit and drives the economic growth of the country.  As a bank is a financial institution judging banks’ profitability […]

What is Bonus Shares?

Bonus Shares

Even in the severely contracted economy due to the pandemic COVID-19, Various companies like Hatsun Agro Products, Infosys Ltd, Vishal Fabrics, Global Education, etc. declared bonus shares in the year 2020. Always Bonus issues create a wave of excitement in the stock market. It normally steers bull run. This article provides detailed information on basic […]

Methods for Business Valuation – Cost Method, Market Value & Discounted Cash-Flow Method


Valuation of a business is the process of determining the economic value of owners’ interest in a business. It is the present value of a business on that particular date. Various purposes of valuation include the sale of business, mergers, and acquisitions, the fundraising process, establishing a new partnership, or even divorce proceedings. It assesses […]